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406 MHz MicroPLB Type GXL.

Microwave Monolithics Incorporated (Simi Valley, CA, USA) is proud to announce the 406 MHz MicroPLB™ Type GXL, the latest member of a premier line of Cospas Sarsat (C/S) Personal Locator Beacons (PLBs). The MicroPLB™ family of PLBs has set the dependability, size, weight, and performance "gold standard" for PLBs for over 14 years - long before PLBs were sanctioned for sale to the general public. Unlike all other PLBs, the MicroPLB™ Type GXL is 100% tested and fully burned-in and is just slightly larger than a king size cigarette pack. And at 8 Oz, including internal GPS receiver and 121.5 MHz homing transmitter, it continues the trend setting legacy.Read more...

MicroPLB ran for over 5 1/2 days on 1 battery!.

One U.S. Government customer recently reported that one of their MicroPLB's was stolen. Sometime later, the beacon was detected by the COSPAS/SARSAT satellite system, with its ID number and GPS coordinates indicating its location. After determining that it was not an emergency case and that it was not possible to retrieve the beacon, the C/S satellite system continued to receive transmission bursts from that beacon for 5 1/2 days before the transmissions ceased, presumably because the battery pack finally became depleted. This MicroPLB, Type GX beacon is one of our extended life units, the only PLB in the world certified by C/S for 48 hours (minimum) operation at -20°C after 5 years of aging. We always knew that our super efficient transmitter would allow the battery pack to operate many days at normal temperatures. This data is the first actual "field test" confirmation officially obtained.