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Commercial & Military Products.

The MicroPLB™ is a premium Cospas-Sarsat (C/S) Personal Locator Beacon (PLB), which serves as a “911 equivalent” signaling device providing world wide coverage via multiple satellites without user fees. The C/S system is monitored 24 hours a day 365 days a year by 66 ground stations spread over 40 participating countries. When the MicroPLB™ is activated due to a life threatening emergency, these monitoring stations will "immediately" notify appropriate rescue personnel of your identity, location, and need for assistance whether you are at the north slope of Alaska, Antarctica, or anywhere in between.

The MicroPLB™ Type GXL is just slightly larger than a king size cigarette pack (1.1" X 2.3" X 4.75") and, at 8 Oz including internal GPS receiver and 121.5 MHz homing transmitter, it is by far the smallest, lightest, and most dependable PLB in the world. Unlike all other PLBs it is 100% tested and fully burned-in, and is C/S certified for 48 hour operation using batteries approved by the U.S. DoT for carriage on all commercial carriers.

The MicroPLB™ is available to the public through Amazon®.

The GPRS (Global Personnel Recovery System) "Card" is a miniature ("fat credit card" size), light weight, high efficiency (long battery life) satellite communications transceiver "engine" common to all next generation end user equipment. GPRS is a joint Civil/DoD initiative to develop and deploy the first global, near real-time two-way communications and tracking system capable of fully supporting Joint Blue Force Situation Awareness (JBFSA) and Personnel Recovery (PR) / Search-And-Rescue (SAR) operations among many other world-wide

applications. It is seamlessly interoperable across agencies, with two dozen separate government agencies already involved (including our allies in the United Kingdom), and enables the emergency communications desperately needed today by disadvantaged isolated personnel such as downed pilots, dismounted soldiers, and other personnel often in hostile and/or dangerous situations on remote parts of the earth.